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Role play (Rp) as Vampires | Shifters | Humans | Slaves in a modern day city-life setting.
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Gender: Female
Birthday: February 7th, 1988
Relationship Status: Happily married.
Proficient in:  Advertising,  Coding,  Graphics,  General updates and event planning,  Answering questions & offering direction,  Site related innovation & eloquence,  Keeping things professional & unbiased behind the scenes.
Online Schedule: I am available most hours 5 days out of the week. Weekends (and rainy days) are reserved for family time.
Character Listing: Poss' characters
Short Bio: I'm married, I'm a mommy, I'm a nature nut, and I'm a ginger.  I doddle in photography and screenwriting when I am not online, and am stickler for healthy living.  I believe in equality in all living things, and in treating others not how they may treat you, but how they should be treated: with respect and consideration.  Abaddon City is my home away from home, and I am dedicated to the site and it's community.  Dare to dream.


Gender: Female
Birthday: Private
Relationship Status: Dating
Proficient in: User engagement and plotting. I love playing with new members to make them feel welcome.Event planning. Random fun ideas.
Online Schedule: 4pm-8pm regularly but pop in to check on the box between 7am-3pm. Weekends mostly around all day.
Character Listing: The List
Short Bio: I'm just your friendly neighborhood admin. I enjoy writing and playing a wide range of characters. Beyond that I guess that's just the mystery that is Knave.


Gender: Female
Birthday: March 31
Relationship Status: Single
Proficient in: Wasting time, being a nerd.
Online Schedule: Varies from day to day.
Character Listing: List
Short Bio: Live in NJ with family. Work part time at a warehouse job and watch a lot of movies.


Gender: Female
Birthday: February 8
Relationship Status: Single
Proficient in: Helping people out with character applications, face claims (switches and applications), general questions on the site, and other things.
Online Schedule: Live in the Central Standard Time so I normally get on late night, early morning, or sometimes during the day. Just depends on how my business is going and the two jobs I work. 
Character Listing: Cast of Characters
Short Bio: I am an approachable person and if you want to get to know me than just shoot me a PM or talk to me in the cbox when you see me around. Got a sociology and physiology background for education and am half owner and founder of a recycling company for small electronics all the way up to transportation vehicles. My name means dream walker in one of the Native American languages ( I canít remember what one as the name was given to me).


Gender: Female
Birthday: January 9
Relationship Status: Single
Proficient in: Advertising, Application Approval, Threading with new members, Eating cake.
Online Schedule: 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, subject to change if I get a job
Character Listing: Fallen Roses
Short Bio:  I don't know what to say.  I have 2 cats, my family has 5 dogs and an additional 3 cats.  I love penguins and hedgehogs, teddy bears and blankets, and snuggles.  I love to thread so if you have a plot idea hit me up.


Gender: Female
Relationship Status:
Proficient in:
Online Schedule:
Character Listing: List
Short Bio: