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Role play (Rp) as Vampires | Shifters | Humans | Slaves in a modern day city-life setting.
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[ Abaddon City FAQ! ]

Abaddon City was first opened January 10th, 2010.
Abaddon is a fictional interactive creative writing forum.

► Concept, Setting & Rules © Poss.
► Site artwork by Poss.
► Site Setup by Volunteer Staff
► Opporated by Volunteer Staff

► Characters & written work belong to the individual artists/writers.
► All written & visual content for entertainment purposes only.
► All written content is fictional & written with mutual consent.
Announcements: | Participate in the Anniversary Event, and checkout our Advertising Contest!!, You'll be earning points in no time!

Registration Agreement

WARNING: Be Advised
This site contains & allows mature content.

► Required age for registering: 18 years or older.
    ► ► We hold a strict 18+ policy at AC. Upon registering you must confirm that you are 18 or older.  If we find that one of our members has registered with the site and is under 18, his/her access to the site will be immediately revoked.  His/Her character application(s) will be lost to them, he/she will lose access to his/her posts, as well as access to the posts of our members, and his/her IP address will be banned.
► Age for characters: 18 years or older.
    ► ►   Using a Face Claim?  Be sure that in the photos you are using to portray your character, that the celebrity is over 18 years of age at the time of the photoshoot!  Characters under 18 years of age are not allowed.
    ► ► If you want to be involved in Mature threads, please make sure both your character and their face claim are 18 or older.
► All sexual content (description of nudity or any sexual behavior) must have "Rated M" in the subject line.  NOTE: Please read our rating system here
► Any swearing/rude behavior directed AT a member is NOT allowed and will lead to a ban from the site- so please respect your fellow Rpers.
► Respect one another. Respect the site, its creators, owners, moderators and members. Being rude or careless will lead to a ban with no further warning.  

We have a strict no drama policy.  If you have a negative outlook on life, are argumentative, or tend to bring negativity into conversation,  turn around now!  We here at Abaddon City only want the company of positive, friendly, and honest people.
► There is NO word count however we do have a three sentences minimum per reply, to help give those you are role playing with something more enjoyable to work with.
► All characters are expected to be original creations of the player.  Batmans & Edward Cullens will be shown the exit at the application process.
► Setting::: Modern day time period. Location: Fictional city of Abaddon along the West coast of the United States of America.  Abaddon City is it's own version of Hollywood: a lot of wealth, fame, flashing lights and plastic surgery.
► Plot:::  Day to day life in Abaddon City.  Vampires and Shapeshifters are known species in the world, however they are NOT accepted members of the Human society. Humans wish to eradicate them (for more info, please see  This page) There are very few restrictions set for our characters and the personal plots they follow to allow for maximum enjoyment of the player while they RP here.  
► Your Account Activity::: After 60 days of no posting, your account will be moved to Inactive, after which they are at risk of deletion. This means loss of your face claim and any establishments or abilities you may have gained through competitions.
► Your new character application can be marked as a W.I.P. (Work in progress) for up to 1 weeks in the Enlist section before your character is moved to Inactive.
► Be sure that the use of any ability is immediately followed up with the deemed downfall (chosen upon enlisting, or upon the gaining of that ability through our point system).  
► [ HTML] ... [/HTML ] is enabled on ALL boards.

---------------ENLISTING A CHARACTER---------------
► Please create your very first account as your OOC account.  From there, you can then create a sub account for every character you wish to join using their full name. (FIRST & LAST names)
► For information on the races available, please see The Plot
► You DO NOT need to wait to be accepted.  Once your application is complete & posted in Enlist, you may reply to the faceclaim thread if you are using a playby, and then begin to RP!
► Using a playby?  Post under the 'Face Claim' thread in Enlist only once your enlist form is completed.  It is based off of a first come first serve basis, so if you forget, it is your problem!  Of course, the use of a celebrity as your playby is optional.

---------------NEED ASSISTANCE?---------------
► Any questions, please post on the Questions & Suggestions board, or simply ask another Member, Mod or Admin via PM or the Cbox.

---------------HOW TO USE THE CHAT SYSTEM---------------
► Click "Set Name".
► Create a Username & Password. (Do not use the 'temporary' name option, believe me it will give you a hard time every chance it gets!)
► Click "Sign Up".
► You do not need to wait for any sort of confirmation, after you have completed the 3 quick steps listed above, you are officially signed up.

---------------CHATBOX RULES---------------
► No negativity, or you're out.
► No drama, or you're out.  
► No whining!

---------------CHATBOX SUGGESTION---------------
Many people report being spammed from unknown perverts via the Chatbox/Chatango private message system after they sign up to the chatbox.  There is an easy way to STOP this:
► Either click on the blue balloon on the top right hand corner of the cbox (this will be orange if you have private messages), or post something such as a friendly hello in to the chatbox,  then click on the square avatar location beside your chatname once it pops up in the chat. Or, click on your own name in the " # people here now" list. Then move on to next step..

► A new tab/page will load for Chatango. There will be three tab options on the top right hand corner.  Go into "Account" then "Settings"   and UNCHECK "Allow anons to message me" and "Show my profile in Meet People". There is also a block feature at the very bottom of chat when someone has messaged you who isn't on your friend list. All this will immediately put an end to any spamming. :)

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