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Role play (Rp) as Vampires | Shifters | Humans | Slaves in a modern day city-life setting.
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[ Abaddon City FAQ! ]

Abaddon City was first opened January 10th, 2010.

► Concept, Setting & Rules © Poss.
► Site artwork by Poss.
► Site Setup by Volunteer Staff

► Characters & written work belong to the individual artists.
► All written & visual content for entertainment purposes only.

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Author Topic: FAQ  (Read 11865 times)

Description: Frequently Asked Questions


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« on: March 09, 2013, 04:24:58 PM »
Never hesitate to ask an Admin, Mod or other member if your question is not outlined on the following FAQ.

Last Updated: June 2015.

When was Abaddon City originally created?
Poss created Abaddon City on InvisionFree, January 3rd, 2010.  The site opened to the public on January 10th of the same year, then moved to it's own hosting around March 12th, 2013.

Having issues with site navigation?
Check out the drop-down menus that are located on the top left of our sidebar!  Quick Links is full of helpful links, while the 'How do I...?' is more specific to areas that you may find handy.

 If these don't bring you where you want to go, or help you answer the question you had in mind, hit us up on our Chatbox as all of our members here are friendly and helpful!

Having trouble with RP Terminology?
Check out our Rp Terminology & Tips page.

How active is this place?
Our activity will blow you away.  Seriously.  The majority of our members are all extremely dedicated to Rping here and most make daily replies if not dozens.  Any account that goes without posting in an IC-thread for more than 60 days will be moved to Inactive, therefore losing their Face Claim and anything they may have earned while active (sub-forums, extra abilities, etc).  Our rules regarding activity can be found here. 

Is there any way to AVOID the Mature content here?
Yes!  Avoid reading topics with a rating (R, M, X) in the title.  Also, if you are starting a thread and do not wish to have Mature content in it, please state such in the very first post of the thread to ensure that whoever replies knows your boundaries.  It is also a good idea, if you plan to Rp with the same person for a while, to discuss your limits with them in PM, especially if you wish to keep all mature content out of the story.  'Fade to black' is possible during intimate moments, but you may wish to talk to your Rp partner about this beforehand.

How do I:  My very first account..?
The very first account you register here at AbaddonCity.com should be your OOC (Out Of Character) name.  This should closely resemble your ChatBox name (if you plan on using the Cbox we suggest signing up for it first).  After you have registered your very first account on Abaddon your name will automatically become 'purple' on the On-line list found on the right-hand side bar and be easily recognized by everyone here as your OOC account. 

How do I:  Make a character account?
After you have completed the step above, it is time to make a character.  To make a character, you must make a sub-account.  See here for detailed information on how to make your characters/sub-accounts.  It's easy!

After you have made a sub-account for your new character, you will need to fill out and complete the New Character Application Code and post it in the main Enlist board using your character account.  You MUST be signed into a character account to make a new topic, or replies, in Enlist.   Everywhere else a drop down menu will become your best friend.

 (To switch between characters/accounts, simply use the drop down menus available to you all across the site.  There is one always available on the sidebar and there is one in your every reply section!  Switching between accounts is now as quick as a click!)

Am I allowed to edit my character's application AFTER it has been accepted?
Yes you may edit your character's application after it has been approved by a staff member, however if you are looking to modify your abilities or downfalls section you will need to seek admin approval as it will need to be re-approved.

How do I jump in and really get involved with the community?
First off, Introduce yourself!  Our New Members Introduction board is a great place to meet friendly people, and to line yourself up with your very first threads.

If you would like to start an Open Thread, <-- that is a place for you to link it, so that your topic gets all of the attention it deserves!  You can also link us your Open Thread in your New Member Introduction as a sure-fire way to get a quick reply.

Want to start plotting?  Our Wanted section is a great place to start.  Reply to other wanted ads, or even start your own!  You can bump as often as you like, but be sure to interact with other threads instead of only expecting people to come to yours!

Lastly, don't forget to visit our Chatbox!  We're a friendly bunch, with members online at all hours of the day, from all across the world.

What are on-site 'Bookmarks'?
They are a beautiful thing.  Every topic you want to follow, click the 'Add To Bookmarks' option at the top of the thread, and it will appear in your personal 'My Bookmarks' section along the top of the site!  This is a great way to keep track of all of the threads you are involved in, and to know when someone has replied to you.  If you make good use of it, you will not regret it!  Talk about easy organization.

How many Human/Ascended Human/Shifter/Vampire characters are there active right now?
Just check the number of 'topics' in the specific species sub-forums listed in  Enlist.  Right now there are 190 Topics in the Human sub-forum so that means there are 190 'active' Human characters currently on the site.

Is there a specific word-count?
No way!  We only ask that you all stick to a three sentence minimum.  We allow people of all writing skills to play here at Abaddon, but our three sentence rule is to ensure everyone tries to add something to the story, (of your thread/topic) in your every reply, which will give the person replying to you something to work with in their own.   If you don't give your RP partner something new to react to each reply then they are practically writing the story on their own and that is not what Rping is about.

How often am I expected to post In-Character?
We are a laid back posting environment.  Feel free to take a week or two between replies, but it would be common courtesy to let your Rp partner know that you will be taking a while between each post if it will be habitual.  We only ask that you make 1 IC post every 60 days to avoid being marked as Inactive, however many people will not even respond to your thread if you take longer than 30 days (1 month) to reply to them. 

Be sure to post on the Away Board if you will be gone for a prolonged period of time, so that your role play partners do not think you are simply not interested and have left them hanging.  Be courteous!

What is the plot of this site?
There is no overall binding plot.  We stick to 'realism' as far as having supernatural creatures can allow.   It is simply a city-life setting, and you are free to do with it what you can.  Based in a modern day fictional city named Abaddon (Much like you would imagine Los Angeles), the city is found along California's west coast of the United States.  In this setting there are four available races: Humans, Ascended Humans, Shape shifters and Vampires.  The supernaturals (any character with abilities) are considered 'illegals' and are to be shot on sight.  Hospitals will not aid them,and police officers won't waste their cuffs.  Slavery is legalized within the city (along with prostitution), however only if the slave is marked with a specific red ribbon tattoo.  For detailed setting information, including a blurb about slavery, click here.

How long do I have to wait to get my new character app accepted?
You don't have to wait at all!  Simply fill out the New Character Application Code and post it in Enlist.  Much of it is optional and the rest can be passed with only a few words or sentences on your part.  We do stress the importance of Downfalls for any Abilities your character may claim to have on your application, however, so be sure to read more on those.
   Check back to see if any forum staff are asking you to make changes to your app before it is officially 'accepted', otherwise feel free to start plotting/rping!

I want more than only FOUR abilities for my character!  How do I go about this?
When you enlist a new character you may choose up to four abilities from our ability list for your Vampire or Shifter, or one ability for your Ascended Human, however we are well aware that may seem rather limited.  With use of our Points System you will be able to work toward adding in more ability slots through your time spent on AC.  Each slot is worth 500 points and there is no limit to how many abilities you may purchase per character! 

I want a unique ability (one that is not on the ability list).  How do I go about this?
We ask that all new characters being enlisted only use abilities from our ability list on their application; you may initially choose up to four from the list.   If you would like to request a unique ability for your character, you will need to purchase a 'unique ability slot' through our Points System, at which time you and Poss will discuss in private the limitations and details of this unique ability before it is approved to be added to your app.  All unique abilities should be straight-forward and lacking loopholes, meaning they will only be used/played as described in their description and should you be found using them in any other fashion, you will lose the use of that ability and you will -not- be refunded your points.  Be sure to always play fair.

How did Ascended Humans gain their abilities?
This is up to the player of each individual character to decide.  Maybe your Ascended Human was born with an ability or they gained it through the January 2015 solar flare event?  Maybe their mom was a vampire/shifter while dad was a human?  Maybe they hit their head really hard or had an allergic reaction that oddly gave them their abilities?  It is almost limitless and as always up to YOU to decide!  We only ask that you do NOT use 'science lab experimentation', 'nanotechnology', or any other super-tech to achieve abilities in your RP.

Face Claims.  Do I need to have one?  If I do use one, does it have to be a celebrity?
Face claims are NOT mandatory, however if you are using any image of a legit human being as an avatar or signature you MUST claim it on your character's application upon enlisting.  Check availability on our official Face Claims List found in Enlist.  However, no- your character image does NOT need to be a celebrity.  Some people use drawings, or anime characters (keep it realistic) for their characters, and that is perfectly fine with us!

What species are available?
Humans, Ascended Humans, Shape shifters, and Vampires.  Any other race/species is not allowed.  'Witches', 'Fae' and the like however can be classified as Ascended Humans and additional powers purchased through our Points System.

Shifters may use a Lycan form (upright standing animal) however that character must have 'Manipulation' ability in one of their available ability slots on their application.

What species can a Shifter be?
Shape shifters can be any animal you want, but only animals. (No mythical creatures though, sorry).  If you plan on using an extinct creature for your shifter, you must use the specific shifter ability called 'Ancient Bloodlines'.  Unless your character has the 'Panwere' ability, your character can only have 1 animal form, and they must stick to it.  Anyone changed into a shifter will become the same animal shifter as their 'sire'.

Vampire fangs - can they be retractable?
We encourage you to use any lore you want when creating your Vampire character.  If you want their fangs always visible then so be it.  If you want them to be retractable, then that works fine, too!

Can Vampires go out in the daylight?
Only vampires that choose the ability 'Daywalker' can venture out in the sunlight, and the use of this ability must always come with a specific downfall that is chosen on your characters application.

My Shifter form is a herbivore, does he still have to consume meat?
The consumption of meat could take place in human form to help fulfill any hunger requirements of a shifter of herbivore descent, as I don't believe a salad would quite cover some forms of exertion.  Shifters here must consume meat to survive, not leafy greens. (Can be either human meat or any type of meat, it is up to the player to decide)

Can my Vampire character survive off of only animal blood?
Yes, but your vampire character will need to feed MUCH more often than a vampire that drinks Human blood. 

I don't have my own 'sub-forum housing', can I still Rp in a specific encampment area (Birchwood, Private Properties..)  as if my character lives there?
Yes you can Rp in the main encampment section!  Just please do not Rp in other peoples sub-forum encampments like they are your own, because they are not- that's someones home!

How do I get my own IC housing?
How can I gain MORE ability slots for my characters?

Check out our Points System for more information.  Sub-forums and abilities must be purchased (we also have pet icons for adoption!)

No one has replied to my Open Thread. What do I do?
Don't give up!  Post a link to your thread in our specific  Open Threads sub-forum, directing people to your topic.  Or, you can start your own Wanted ad seeking a plot.  Even better?  Reply to someone elses Wanted ad!   Still having trouble?  Instead of always making your own open threads, or wanted ads, try responding to other peoples, that way you are more likely to get a reply!

I NEVER plan to use one of the 'passive racial abilities' for my Ascended Human/Shifter/Vamp character.  Is that okay?
Of course!  Feel free to avoid use of any of your character's 'passive racial abilities' if they do not fit right with you character.  That being said, here's a tip:  Negate the use of one of your character's passive racial abilities through one of your character's downfalls in their application! 
Use this as your downfall to do so:  "Having this ability completely cancels out ___ (passive racial ability being negated), meaning it can never be used by this character."

Do I HAVE to participate in the IC events posted in Announcements?
Of course not!  All IC events posted in our Announcements section are optional. 

Someone is spamming me in PM.
Is it using our on-site private message system?
Is someone linking you to another site in private?  Is someone harassing you, or making you feel uncomfortable?
 ► Contact an admin immediately, with a quote of what was sent to you and it will be dealt with immediately.   **ALL COMPLAINTS REMAIN ANONYMOUS!**

Is it on our chatango chatbox PM's?
 ► There are instructions regarding how to disable comments from random strangers found here.  If it is an actual member of AC, copy & paste it to an admin immediately.  Your complaints are always kept anonymous.

Someone is creeping me out!
If you are ever contacted by ANY member of this site through Private Message on Abaddon City, about anything besides plotting with your characters, and it bothers you- inform an admin immediately.  This is NOT a common issue, and we do NOT condone 'creeps' or 'predatory' behavior in any way.  We do allow Mature content in our in-character threads, in a responsible manner, however this does not give anyone permission to approach anyone else for anything of the like, in private!   Do not join this site if you are only interested in sex-related plotting. (Having creeps send you messages on the Cbox  They're not from AC, and there is a way to stop them from sending you anything!  Click here for helpful Cbox info.

More to come...

"The Universe is not made of atoms. It's made of stories."
 - Muriel Rukeyser
"You can't blame a writer for what the characters say."
 - Truman Capote
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« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2014, 11:55:03 AM »
In addition to our fantastic forum, we now have informative pages to help better your role play experience here at Abaddon City.

Pages Currently Available:

Account Awards
Ever wondered about those awesome icons found below an account's avatar?  Look here for requirements & instructions on how to apply for your own icons!

Animal Icons
Want an animal to show above your signature?  Check out this link to see what's available and how to get them.

Fan Art
Our members are creative and those that submit graphics entries for our contests are featured here.   
*You can PM your artwork to an admin if you want your work to be displayed on our Fan Art page.  Submitted graphics must be be exactly 550px x 550px.

Fan Art: Poetry
Like the Fan art page, but with written works instead.
*You can PM your poetry or written site-reviews to an admin should you wish for it to be displayed on our Fan Art page.  Submitted work must be no longer than 10 lines or 200 words.

Get to know the Staff
Based on the newspaper article of the same topic, this page is full of fun trivia about the people who currently run things behind the scenes here at AC.

Improve Your Role Play
*Members Only*
A how-to guide that gives helpful advice and examples on how to role play, as well as improve your writing.

Points System
An explanation of points and how to earn and spend them.

RP Terminology
We're all guilty of using them, but some people don't know what it all means.  Find out here.

A featured section of all the spotlight winners ever since Abaddon City got it's own domain.

Staff Bios
This section tells a little about our staff.  Kept up to date.

As we strive to keep Abaddon City an innovative and fun site, more pages will become available in the near future!  Suggestions are always welcome.


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"The Universe is not made of atoms. It's made of stories."
 - Muriel Rukeyser
"You can't blame a writer for what the characters say."
 - Truman Capote
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