Role play (Rp) as Vampires | Shifters | Humans | Slaves in a modern day city-life setting.
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Abaddon City was first opened January 10th, 2010.

► Concept, Setting & Rules POSS.
► Site artwork by POSS.
► Modified skin by Sarah.

► Characters & written work belong to the individual artists.
► All written & visual content for entertainment purposes only.
Human | Ascended Human | Shifter | Vampire Forum RP
In a modern day city-life setting is an original supernatural role play with minimal rules & restrictions to allow for players to fully use their imagination on their character's creation, history and overall growth.  We have very few limitations on the basis of your original character so feel free to use the lore you most adore.

Expand your characters to their full potential
far beyond the limitations other sites may have bound you to.
Earn points to purchase additional abilities or sub-forums of your own.
No limit to the number of characters you can play.
No wait to be accepted.
No Play-by required.
No word count.
No drama.

Strictly 18+
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